Why a Bill Paying Service Makes Sense for Busy Professionals

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Why a Bill Paying Service Makes Sense for Busy Professionals

When people hear about managed bill paying services, they often think that such a service is for seniors who are no longer able to handle their own bills. While these services are definitely invaluable to those who struggle with managing bill payments as they get older, a significant number of people who seek managed bill paying services are actually entrepreneurs and busy working adults. See why a bill paying service makes sense for busy professionals.

What is a bill paying service?

A managed bill paying service assists adults in managing their monthly bills. The service typically includes having all your bills managed, reviewed, and paid on your behalf by a 3rd party service who offers this as a professional service. It essentially takes the cumbersome task of receiving, organizing, and paying bills each month.

Working professionals are getting busier

Working professionals have always had a lot to juggle. Working a full day leaves little time to handle the onerous task of sifting through bills and managing payments. In recent months with the pandemic impacting people’s lives, time has become even more precious. Adults with kids now have to handle kids at home while they try to work from home as well. Long work days have become even longer, and tasks like bill paying often take a back seat, with detrimental results if bills are forgotten.

Lack of attention to bill paying has consequences for busy professionals

It is especially important that you always give your monthly bills a quick review before you pay them, even if you do automatic bill pay, just to make sure you’re aware of what you’re being charged for and ensure there are no errors. Not doing so can be costly. Even worse, not paying attention to which bills are paid when, can have a detrimental impact on your credit. Unfortunately, tasks such as these are often given a cursory effort at best by busy professionals that simply don’t have enough time in a day to get everything done.

Why a bill paying service can benefit busy professionals

A managed bill paying service can be a real lifesaver to those that need precious time freed up, yet still need the task of bill paying handled correctly and in a timely fashion. These services will not only ensure bills are paid properly and timely each month, but they’ll also send notifications to keep a client up to date on all managed accounts, letting them know when new bills have arrived, payments have been sent, or other alerts and messages are received.  Unfortunately, not all manage bill paying services are the same. Look for a professional bill management service that offers more than simply paying your bills on your behalf. Engage in a company that has bill management benefits such as the ability to communicate with someone should you have questions, by phone, email, text, or chat. Look for a company that allows you to log in and monitor bill paying activity at any time and allows you the option to give access to a trusted spouse, family member or friend.

A bill paying service makes sense for busy professionals who need relief from a crushing schedule that leaves them little time to handle their finances. If you’re looking for a professional managed bill payment service, reach out to Bill Simplicity and see how we can help you with all your bill paying needs.


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