Bill Simplicity


Whether you’re an active senior looking for help managing your accounts, overseeing a loved one’s bills or a busy family or professional looking for help handling multiple accounts, our managed services do it all from one user friendly login. Our dedicated bill assistants are here every step of the way to ensure your accounts are up to date and recurring monthly bills have been received and paid on time. At the end of every month, we will send a detailed statement of all transactions posted to your account for your records and reconciliation. Learn more about the benefits of our service.

Bill Simplicity Benefits Overview 

Access Anywhere

Out of town but want to check on the status of that upcoming bill? No problem! You can access your account from anywhere! Check in on your accounts from your phone, tablet, computer, or pick up the phone and call us! You’ll always have access to your account, wherever you are.

Dedicated Bill Pay Assistant

With our bill management services, you’ll get a dedicated bill assistant to help answer any questions you may have. Not an auto responder, but a LIVE person who you can talk to by phone, chat or email when you need answers.

Ability to Invite Others to Access Managed Account for Additional Oversight

Do you want a family member or trusted professional to have access to your Bill Simplicity account for additional oversight? No problem at all! You have the ability to invite others to access your managed account at any time!

Bill Review & Examination

Each bill will be reviewed and examined for accuracy and consistency. This process can help eliminate billing errors, late fees, over charges and unnoticed household problems.

On-Time Payment Guarantee

Our system is designed to ensure all payments go out in a timely fashion. You never have to worry about a late bill (and late fees!) again! With Bill Simplicity, we guarantee your bills will be paid correctly and on time each and every month.

Notifications and Alerts

We will notify you when a new bill has arrived or an upcoming payment is being sent out. We will also send alerts when a bill needs your attention or has been flagged for additional review.

One Secure Login for All Bills

We make receiving and paying your bills simple and secure. No more checking the mail or remembering multiple usernames and passwords to access your bills. All of your bills are under one secure login so you can access your accounts quickly, safely and securely.

Saves Time, Money & Stress

With Bill Simplicity receiving your bills, you don't have to spend time checking the mail or logging into multiple accounts. If you're out of town, you don't have to worry about bills piling up while you're gone. Our services are designed to save you time, stress and help prevent late fees and over-charges.

Monthly Statements

Each month, you will receive a detailed monthly statement so you know exactly which bills were paid, for what amount, and on what day. You’ll always know what payments were made for the month in our timely, easy-to-read statements.