Resources for Adult Children of Aging Parents

Resources for Adult Children of Aging Parents

As parents get older, there is a challenge between maintaining their freedom and living at home while still ensuring that all their mental, physical, and financial needs are met. Adult children of aging parents find the process of arranging these resources confusing and aren’t always sure where to turn. While there are actually numerous resources available, they can sometimes be hard to navigate, as some are government agencies, some are websites, and some can be found through apps. Below are resources that can be of assistance for adult children of aging parents or their caretakers.

Overall resources for adult children of aging parents

Many resources offer various information for a variety of challenges. These are good resources to begin with if you’re just starting to navigate your options as an adult child of aging parents.

AARP – This advocacy organization for seniors also provides resources for family caregivers and children of aging parents. They provide resources such as articles and ideas help caregivers.

Adult Children of Aging Parents – This organization provides information, resources, and support for adult children of aging parents, ranging from healthcare to mental health to nutrition and more.

National Association of Area Agencies on Aging – This site from the U.S. Administration on Aging has information about eldercare and can provide referrals to aging-related programs and services.

Caring Connections – From the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, this website offers resources for caregivers and families of seniors.

Family Caregiver Alliance – This group provides services to family members and caregivers of aging adults with physical as well as cognitive impairments.

Family Care Navigator – A resource from Family Caregiver Alliance, this resource helps connect you to essential family caregiver resources for your individual state.

FCA CareNav – A service of Family Caregiver Alliance, this website provides tip sheets, videos, classes, and other resources for family caregivers.

National Council on Aging – This group is an advocacy organization helping older Americans and their caregivers.

Health and nutrition resources for aging adults

While some of these resources offer more than physical or mental health assistance, they’re good places to start if you’re seeking assistance or more information regarding health and nutrition for an aging parent.

Meals on Wheels – This program provides nutrition to seniors throughout the United States. A search on the site will help you locate one of more than 5,000 senior nutrition programs in the nation.

Administration on Aging – This agency administers many national programs and services for seniors, including elder abuse prevention, free health insurance counseling, help with long-term care planning, and legal assistance. – From the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, this site helps you identify which screening tests and vaccines your loved one may need.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – While HIPAA protects medical information, it can make it hard for families and caregivers to access the information they need. The HIPAA website can help caregivers obtain authorization forms to share medical details.

Medicaid – Find out more about the Medicaid benefits your elder parent could be qualified to receive.

Medicare – This is the site for the federal health insurance system for elders and those with certain disabilities. Along with information about obtaining Medicare, you can find information for family caregivers.

Legal resources

Navigating legal issues is never easy. If you’re trying to find assistance for legal issues for your parents, this resource is a robust resource.

National Elder Law Foundation – This organization’s site includes a feature to help you find a certified elder law attorney near you.

Financial resources

As parents age, numerous financial challenges can arise, from more complex issues such as supplemental income programs to basic day-to-day demands of bill paying. While talking to your parents about their finances can be difficult, these resources can help adult children of elderly parents navigate these challenges.

Supplemental Security Income – Find out how the SSI program can help you get a larger monthly benefit for your elderly parents.

Bill Simplicity – a professional bill management company for daily bills and invoices, streamlining all bills and payments into one easy-to-use portal, with 24/7 account access and dedicated bill assistants available when you need them.

Transportation resources

While there are several transportation options available to the elderly, not all are well-versed in the unique challenges of the elderly. If you’re hesitant to call a rideshare service for your parent, this is a good option to investigate.

Independent Transportation Network – This nonprofit transportation service provides rides for non-emergency purposes to older adults for a membership fee.

While there are many other resources available in addition to the ones listed above, this should serve as a useful guide for you as you endeavor to provide a safe, healthy way for your elderly parents to age in place and enjoy their golden years.

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